About me

WOMAN WITH LIFE - Self-Portrait - oil on canvas: 100cm/70cm
WOMAN WITH LIFE – Self-Portrait – oil on canvas: 100cm/70cm


Gosha Gibek
 –  Printmaker and painter

If it comes to identity – I call myself an European. I was born in Poland hence the Polish-ness which must be my skeleton wrapped around with layers of experiences gathered from many different cultures: German, Spanish, English. The latte, English, that’s currently my top layer, worn comfortably, taken off only on return to the Polish base; rarer lately, barely present…

I have settled in Britain, here in Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley, inspired by the green never seen in such abundance anywhere else. I am a stranger in this land and with the stranger’s curiosity discover and learn its mysteries, looking euphorically at the fields, rivers and hills; amazed by abundance of colours: green, yellow, blue, red; and dry stone walls half buried into soil, scarring the landscape with their rough lines. I notice how clouds above the Pendle Hill are waging their battles, forming thick groups attacking the peak. And sky gets moody, angry with purple, cyanosed… These revelations are being painted in my head before I can solve the problem of finding a way to spread them on a canvas in a form of lines, blotches and smudges.

I have lived in the Ribble Valley for over ten years and it is a fairy land to me, a fantasy book. Although, every day I grow to love it and call it MY HOME. I think that with Europe I brought some free spirit, wishing there was no limits. My work expresses it through abundance of colours and lines buried in texture, forming rich and distinctive style.

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