Town v Country



On exhibition at the Steward Gallery at the Clitheroe Castle

from 8th August 2015

Town versus country – In those two pictures I am showing  at the exhibition, I am trying to display the distinct contrasts between the busy town and an empty, vast environment where the only feature is a dry-stone wall burying itself into the landscape.

Gosha Gibek Gallery CLITHEROE town


First, let’s address Clitheroe. A market town within the North West of England with its characteristic castle and keep standing at the top of a hill. There are great stairs leading to the top of the keep, and someone always climbing them. Everybody wants to get to the top from where one can admire the picturesque panorama of Clitheroe, that being, my favourite view:  One looks at a place underneath one’s feet and there it is; a busy town, people like ants rushing around, patterns of buildings disappearing in the distance. Colours are bright and lights are gleaming evoking vibrancy and dynamic of life. The Pendle Hill finishes the view, standing in the distance like a protector guarding the town.

Gosha Gibek Gallery CLITHEROE country


If you want to get there – Travel further beyond the town, towards the hill and follow the road that is coming out of the town in a straight line; you will then get to the place on the hill. You will be surprised by that quiet evening landscape, where there is nothing but empty fields, stretching like patchwork, warping the hills into round shapes, creating a curious visual effect. The dry-stone wall on the fields highlights the solitude and seems like the only inhabitant of that lonely place. The two houses symbolise the barrier, an isolation as they are so far apart from each other.

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