How the picture progressed


Every painting I paint hold memories of experiences of my life.

First work on this canvas started 4 years ago. I have briefly described the process of transformation of this picture. This painting is going to be exhibited as pasrt of exhibition called: ‘Town v Country’ which is taking place at Stuard’s Gallery at the Clitheroe Castle, from 7th August. Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Have you heard about an artist who painted his painting for year? Well, I feel like one of the old masters, this painting has changed its shape many times.


Stage 1: At the beginning there was a wall.. My picture was divided to three distinguished places: the wall, fields and sky..


Stage 2: Then I have decided that those fields are too empty and they needed some ‘BODY’. I have truly felt like that at the time – in need of ‘the body’. Believe me or not there was a man silhouette lurking behind the wall, a stalker.

Eva_Gosha-GibekST3aStage 3. Then one day I felt embarrassed and decided to forget about people. Soon as I had overprinted the woman, relieve spread through my body…

serene fields
serene fields

Stage 4: This is how this picture looks today and I am sure that this isn’t the end yet… I couldn’t decide on sky and keep changing it.

PLEASE share with me your thoughts. Which is the best version in your eyes?

Many thanks



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