What is happening in my studio


I would like to give you the insight of my studio at home. It is not a massive place and there is lots going on: paintings are everywhere and it smells intensively of turpentine which hits the nostrils as one comes in. I like this smell, it reminds me of my student’s time, time when I studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. It was an amazing period of my life,  full of creative energy, of big dreams and of many open options… Ahh! It would be so nice to come back to those times for a moment…

However, if I was to compare the present with the past, I would say with some kind of relief that presently, I feel more confident and assured in my career then I felt before. Studying art at the Academy required to meet certain set of standards. Of course those were imposed by the professors and the whole aura and prestige of the place. The pressure and fear of not being able to meet those standards while still being a student, was filling me with terrifying emotions!


Jarek Jedrzejowski - Grafika
View from a window of my university in Wroclaw, a beutiful mezzotint by Jarek Jedrzejowski, my collegue student


But my fear was skewed by the my age and lack of experience. It didn’t stop me to pursue my art. Life throws lots of obstacles under our feet and they sometimes slowed me down but I carried on keeping my art at the back of my head and creating even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Today, I still fear though it is a different consternation. I am mostly scared that I have not got enough time in my lifetime to paint all those the pictures which I hold in my head so I can fulfill my dream, my lifetime desire to become an artist.


Gosha Gibek in her studio
big canvases near the window, left side of my workshop


But hold on! Now, when I am writing these sentences, a certain thought springs in my head: from my habit of looking ahead to the future I have not realised that TODAY I AM LIVING MY DREAM and I AM AN ARTIST! I am also more confident about becoming one now, when I haven’t got the pressure anymore of trying to satisfy my professors rather than people I create for. After all I think that the University professors practice ‘art for the art’ ideology while I believe in ‘art for people’.


Gosha  Gibek in her studio
right side of my studio


So there it is my studio which I always wanted to have. One has to have space to be creative, to act on creative desires as soon as they arrive. It took me some years to come to this place but now there is nothing stopping me! The beauty about this place is the fact that I can sneak here at any time… My most favourite is night, when there is no distractions from anything and anyone.

This canvas is my latest study of a field. I have repainted an old piece, tried few new approaches and techniques, overworked the painting a bit switching from one colour scheme to another, couldn’t decide what I wanted; Through such laborious search though, I’ve enriched my experience of oil painting!  What I desire, what I’m searching for is  some new way of expression, an unique voice that would characterize my style. I think I’m getting there as I could specify three elements that I am passionate about when creating my art: colour, texture and exaggerated lines…

 I’ve been working on few things at the same time. I got an urge to draw and indulgent in lines and patterns. Drawing is an invaluable exercise to stretch and develop your skills in something such as using a brush and it is an opportunity to safely experiment with some ideas for your picture.


Sometimes I also like sketching directly on a canvas. This one is going to be Clitheroe Castle seen from the keep and overlooking the roof with some fantastic lines and pattern created by the slates. I’m planning to make it all green and evoke the spring time to celebrate May!

Still life study by my one of my student
Landscape on canvas by my one of my student

I’ve been also hosting workshops with some talented and enthusiastic people who came out with their first work on canvas! It was a joy to be with them and bounce ideas from one to another.










So this is what is happening in my studio. I wonder if any of you could share with me your thoughts, feelings, dreams and expectations from the time when you were a student or when you were at the beginning of your existing career.

Speak to you soon.

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