Sketch while travelling

sketch of sky
Sketch of a sky above the trees

I thought about showing this sketch. I did it while being stuck in the traffic, on Wednesday, when it snowed. What struck my attention was the sky and in particular the clouds. They were cyanosed and white, pasted on to the sky which was so blue above it all!; with sharp, white, distinctive shape of the half moon.

I find harmony when looking at the nature. Peaceful, silent image rising in front of me like a miracle, which only happens to a few… the chosen ones! I feel like the chosen one, the one with special eyes… The one who can suddenly notice the sublime selection of colours, mystery of a texture, the sharpness of line slicing fields like knife does bread.

It is like being in the movies – looking at the projection of images, moving, combined with a sound.

It feels like euphoria, happiness and thrill…

That’s how it feels…

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