ENJOYMENT TO BE HAVE -SAT 31st January 2015

Dear friends, I am organising an acrylic painting series of workshops starting from SAT 31ST January 2015. This is an ongoing workshop this time taking place in a homely atmosphere. All materials will be provided with light refreshment and lunch provided. In my sessions we will learn and discover the beauty of colour, texture and pattern of acrylic painting. By experimenting with acrylics, you will develop sensitivity to colour, learn to mix your paints and develop own colour palette. I will show you how to find inspiration and discover own style as you develop in your techniques. And you will be working on canvas – like professional artist!

 All abilities welcome – from beginners to pros.

 Starting from SAT 31st February 2015, 10AM TO 2PM

COST: £ 30 (per session) or £ 100 if you pay for 4 sessions in advance.Working hard








However, it may be possible to arrange the sessions on days convenient to you.Don’t hesitate to contact me for details.





When you come to my workshop prepare for abundance of colours and become so passionate about them as passionate I am. colours in paints


At a start I will show and tell you about so many varieties of each of the colour and how to mix so many using only few paints. Surprise yourself being able to create a chart of many reds, oranges, greens, bles, yellows! In endles varieties!



painting first

And then we will paint and feel the joy of spreading and smoodging, brushing, scrubbing, dabbing, splashing…!


Approach to canvas










You are given a canvas, brushes, paints and many of my photographs, which some of us would use as a source of inspiration.










Following your own ideas is also appreciated!











Light lunch is provided and we can enjoy coffee and tea at any time.


There are many different techniques of painting. We will get to that by trying each of them on every new session.

This workshop is on-going and I would recommend you to keep coming back. So you can fully develop into a confident and professional artist – the last of course only if you want… 🙂

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