Pendle Hill for SALE!

I would like to interest you with my latest piece of art:

So there it is finished, after numerous final touches, my latest and the biggest so far painting is ready to go and bring summer to the interiors of some warm house.

PENDLE HILL -Poetry of Sunshine — oil on canvas, 116cm/80cm —

Pendle Hill, Poetry of Sunshine — oil on canvas, 116cm/80cm — only £550!!!

Original only £550!!!

High quality giclee print, 59 x 84 cm — ONLY £35!

I am a stranger in this land of Ribble Valley and with the stranger’s curiosity discover and learn its mysteries. I am looking euphorically at the fields, river and the hill, amazed by abundance of colour green and dry stone walls half buried into soil, scarring the landscape with their rough lines. I notice how clouds above the Pendle Hill are waging their battles, forming thick groups attacking the peak. And sky gets moody, angry with purple, cyanosed… These revelations are being painted in my head before I can solve the problem of finding a way to spread them on a canvas in a form of lines, blotches and smudges.

Arrange visit to my studio to view the painting or contact me for details:

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